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23th International Congress on Family and Media

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The growing need for media education in society and protecting families against the negative influences of the media – also this was one of the objectives in the 23th International Congress on Family "Family and Media", which took place on the soil of Philosophic Faculty of the Catholic University in Ružomberok from 5th to 7th September 2008. Patronage over the event took the First Lady Mrs. Silvia Gašparovičová.

According to her a family is sensitive to any change, whether political, economic as well as contemporary – so called ´trendy´ - especially created by the media. Mrs. Gašparovičová stressed that the family, which consists of mother, father and children, is by anything and anyone irreplaceable. She also pointed out problems such as divorce, especially in families where children are the biggest victims that by the end of life suffer from various psychological problems.

23. th International Congress on the Family and Media

Mrs. Silvia Gašparovičová stated that the media are largely affecting children. "They become victims of various media games. They have problems to find their way through reality, sort out the credibility and importance of information. Model for their conduct and attitude towards life become heroes of the films or computer games. It leads children to increased aggression and dissatisfaction. I´m pleased that schools include into their programs the introduction of teaching media education that could help to solve this problem."

Dozens of speakers from abroad offered solutions how to use the media to strengthen families. The first years of Congress took place in Latin America. The first European was in 1986 in Paris.
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